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" Let Us Awaken The Wellness In You"
Meet Dr. Carol

Meet Dr. Carol Spooner

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Dr. Carol Spooner is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Carol Spooner has been serving the Phoenix East Valley as an Arizona licensed, naturopathic physician since 2008. She graduated from the South West Naturopathic Medical School, Tempe, Arizona. Dr. Carol is passionate physician who is loved and trusted by her patients. She provides her community with effective integrative medical care; writing drug prescriptions as necessary and specializes in natural medicine. She has been an herbalist for more than 40 years, a student of Asian health care modalities and homeopathy for 30 years. Dr. Spooner has been certified in: Herbology; Neurofeedback, Biofeedback; Activator Method adjustments; NueroKineticTherapy (NKT); Mcgloughlin Scar Therapy Technique (MSTT); Wilson's Syndrome Therapy; IV therapy; Polarity Therapy, Reiki Teaching Master and more. This doctor helps a variety of maladies.


​Many metabolic dilemmas build with the multiple of environmental exposures we face on a daily basis. Some suffer with sugar, cholesterol, vitality management issues and more. This doctor utilizes a variety of transitional lifestyle systems to help improve your quality of life. Weight challenges are often an integral expression of these metabolic problems; many come to Dr. Carol to lose the weight that won't come off.

Dr. Spooner's skill set provides her with the ability to help you safely reduce and eliminate pain and medications by building your wellness with various non- drug therapies. She has amazed elder patients with her ability to rapidly eliminate their wobbly walking and unstable stance problems so they can remain autonomous; free of canes and walkers and live on their own.


Dr. Carol's Breakthrough Fertility program is an integrative approach for men and or women that is mostly natural; improves both sperm and egg characteristics as well as ovulation cycle problems for those who want to make a family are having trouble with conception and or want to prepare and optimize their pregnancy opportunity. She does not stand in judgement of your marital status, relationship arrangement, age, or anything else. 

Prescription Medication

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Why Choose

Naturopathic Medical Care Adds Health & Wellness

It Offers Relief & Hope For Those With Chronic Illness & Support for Those with Acute Illness

  • Prepare for Conception

  • For Men & Women

  • Helps to Avoid Miscarriage

  • Helps IVF & ISCI success

  • Improves Cycle problems

  • Improves Sperm Character

  • Improves Egg Character

  • Activator Method Manipulation

  • Acupuncture 

  • Custom Compounding 

  • Herbals

  • Homeopathy

  • IV therapy and Injections

  • Medical Marijuana

  • NeuroKinetic Therapy 

  • McGlouphlin Scar Treatment Therapy

We also offer...


Meditation Classes

PEMFTherapy, & various others


IV Therapy and Injections

Clinical Nutrition


Individual & Groups Available on Request


Let us help you find Relief & Recovery



“Dr. Spooner "listens"; takes time to explain her findings and recommendations. I usually get a severe cold/ and or the flu. Dr. Spooner has taken care of me and I have never felt healthier.”

Mary A.G.



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